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Panasonic washing machine clutch Quality resolution and disassembly replacement procedure
- Aug 17, 2017 -

When maintenance Panasonic washer clutch is replaced, first to select a high quality and matching clutch, while Panasonic washing machine clutch is removed from the machine, and then install it in the right way. Want to share with you is Panasonic washer clutch selection skills and replacement process.

Said Panasonic washer clutch selection, first of all, models, brands must correctly, so choose the regular purchase manufacturer or vendor. Then judge the quality of Panasonic washer clutch, can be determined by observation of its appearance, check whether the surface is rough, rust, corners have burrs, mountings are loose, smooth rotating parts are running, lubrication is good, and so on, as long as there is any item does not meet the requirements, you cannot choose.

In addition, can also see Panasonic washer clutch in the various parts of the State to determine its quality, check all screws in the Panasonic washer clutch, for example whether there are traces of dismantled; fit between shaft and drive shaft are too loose; whether there is rust on the surface of shaft and spring; the beating between the shaft and the shaft on gap is too large, and so on. If all goes well, this Panasonic washer clutch is qualified.


            Panasonic washing machine clutch 6kg

Matching good for of Panasonic washing machine clutch device zhihou, shortly thereafter to will washing machine Zhongyuan some Panasonic washing machine clutch device demolition down, first spin out fixed surface frame of screws, and split Xia fixed outside barrels circle of four gold screws removed outside barrels circle; again is spin out wave round screws out wave round, then with dedicated sleeve spin out fixed within barrels of big nut and out within barrels.

Need the washer on its side, in order to avoid damage to the surface on the floor covered with a soft cloth, and then use the socket spin out the two fixed bolts for protection on a Panasonic washer clutch, remove the protective frame; also the sleeve rotated with a fixed four-bolt clutch, take the belts out Panasonic washing machine separator. When removal is done as long as the original procedure to new Panasonic washer clutch Assembly can.

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