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Panasonic washing machine clutch the basic structure and working processes
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Panasonic washing machine clutch is primarily made up of several concentric shafts, including waves, dehydration of the axle shafts, springs, brake band, fork, clutch lever, Ratchet, Ratchet, clutch cover, coat the shaft and gear shaft and other components. They fit together in a certain way, to complete the work, running to a washing machine plays a role.

When the washing machine  washing or down status, Panasonic washing machine clutch pawl ratchet in a certain angle, so that the lock spring and clutch release, into the washing State; after belt drive motor, only led wash-axis rotation.

When the washing machine dehydration phase, Panasonic washing machine clutch ratchet pawl will be stuck holding spring hold the clutch and dehydration axis, axis so that the clutch cover and dehydration while turning. Torsion spring when washing, hold dehydrating axis, prevent dehydration barrel rotation, took control after losing brake brake steel.

Wash case, Panasonic washing machine clutch wheel low speed rotation and motor washing shaft rotate through planetary reducer after a spin down to the washing shaft in the first half, drive wheel rotation. When dehydrated, dehydration barrel and rotate the high speed, hold Spring wash lower part of shaft and dewatering lower part of shaft hold, movement by dehydration of ring gear directly to the upper part of the shaft, driven dehydration barrel rotation, planetary reducer does not work at this time.


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So, cannot generally washing machine when turning, it must first check the clutch, in most cases the problem is in here. As long as the clutch of troubleshooting, can return to normal washing machine.

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