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Reasonable Price Original Galvanized Yellow Pulsator Hand-Rub Automatic Washing Machine Clutch
- Mar 16, 2017 -

 Yellow Pulsator Hand-Rub Automatic Washing Machine Clutch,Royalstar  Clutch,Reasonable Price royalstar washing machine clutch

What is the reason for Royalstar washing machine clutch?

1 washing impeller one-way / reversal rotation noise: Cause Analysis: in the washing, the ratchet wheel assembly is not open a margin, the clutch sleeve cannot hold in the spring free rotation of the ratchet wheel. Ratchet hole shrinkage. Slip of unidirectional bearing in shell.

Maintenance method: check the shift fork assembly in the initial state of the washing is deformed, if it has been deformed, replace the fork assembly; if there is no deformation, the ratchet hole shrinkage, replace the ratchet assembly. If the reason for the third, in the washing will be accompanied by the phenomenon of rotation.

2 dehydration without action reason analysis: the gap between the push rod and the tractor connection plate is too large to cause the pawl not completely off the ratchet wheel. The shift fork assembly adjustment screw and the lever clearance is too large, resulting in the brake belt and fork assembly can not be fully open. The other reason, because the water leakage causes the bearing to be damaged, the brake belt rusty and the brake disc kills.

Maintenance method: adjust the lever and the connecting plate to the right position. Adjusting the clearance between the adjusting screw and the shifting rod is between 0 and 0.2mm. Replace the ratchet spring assembly. Replace clutch.

3 washing without action reason analysis: the use of hand rotation pulley, such as can not rotate, it is the internal corrosion of the planetary gear stuck, or oil copper lining and the shaft between the rust stuck. The clutch can run normally, check whether the insert is worn. Triangle belt wear and fracture.

Repair method: replace the clutch replace the impeller to replace the v-belt. Replace the motor

Reasonable Price Original Royalstar clutch  Description

This clutch is used for Royalstar 9-13kg washing machine .


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