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Requirements for power generation and the dehydration process of the Daewoo washing machine clutch
- Oct 10, 2017 -

The exhaust solenoid valve of the Daewoo washing machine clutch powers on during dehydration process. The transmission fork is rotated at a certain angle and the pawl and ratchet wheel disengage. Then the spring will grip the clutch sleeve and dehydration axis, make them into a production linkage.

The Daewoo washing machine clutch presses off the bolt and bursts through the  swinging shield. The brake ribbon can be loosen and the brake disc is not gripped. That is, when the motor drives the clutch pulley, the clutch pulley drives the clutch dehydration axis to rotate clockwise.

In the process of dehydration, the Daewoo washing machine clutch rotates clockwise and the torsion spring is tightly wound. So that the transmission belt transmission line hub and the inner hub will be in one, and the torque is transferred to the dehydration axis through the inner hub. At this time, the clutch electromagnet is energized, and the moving core is retracted, the spring sleeve can be automatically turned, the torsion spring ( in ) is released, and the power source of the brake disc is cut off.


        Daewoo clutch 6kg

The power generated by the motor is transferred to the tumble dryer through the wheel hub, torsional spring, inner wheel hub, gear cover axis, gear axis and dewatering axis. The tumble dryer operates at high speed. Braking means the brake in the dehydration operation. It has two conditions: One is the brake at the end of the dehydration. The other is the brake when the cover is opened in the dehydration.

After the dehydration, the motor and clutch electromagnet are cut off, the moving core restores and wards the rotating brake ribbon. The slide resistance is produced between the brake ribbon and spring sleeve. The rotation speed is slower than the inner wheel hub. The torsion spring ( in ) is screwed tightly. The power is transferred to the brake disc through the inner wheel hub to stop the tumble dryer rotating.






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