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Rief of Haier washing machine clutch replacement and removal methods
- Aug 12, 2017 -

The "original title" Haier washing machine how to replace the clutch? Removing method of washing machine clutch 

"Overview" for its repair center, about washing machine when it is nothing unusual for them, but for the individual parts of the washing machine, including Haier washing machine clutch we will describe and how many people are really understanding it? Haier washing machine clutch replacement and washable, how many people do you know? 

Next, we'll simply about Haier washing machine clutch replacement, as well as how it is removable and washable. 

First, words, for Haier washing machine clutch device of replaced,, actually is will compared trouble, on this aspects, words, we actually is to note should is to first of to spin out fixed in surface frame Shang of of screws, and, in this when, we actually is should to note directly of on split Xia fixed out barrels circle of four gold screws, and to removed outside barrels circle; 

Haier washing machine clutch replacement and disassembly of the next step, we actually need to directly rotate the impeller screw and then remove the impeller, next, it is to note that you should have to use special sleeve screw it a fixed barrel nut, and remove the inner barrel; 

In ground first Pu Shang a chunks soft cloth put washing machine for side pour, next, is to note should is to with sleeve spin out two gold fixed clutch device above of protection frame of bolt, again removed protection frame; next told words, we actually is to note should depending on to directly of on with sleeve spin out fixed clutch device of four bolt, won belt, next is out clutch device, for Shang new of clutch device;

Finally, with regard to Haier washing machine clutch replacement and disassembly, it is to follow the previous steps to assemble. Of course, we are actually here to draw attention to, Haier washing machine clutch, generally do not need to be replaced or removed when when needed, the best professional staff.

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