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Rongshida washing machine clutch structure layout design and superiority
- Nov 12, 2018 -

In the structural design, the washing machine clutch for Royalstar can adopt the end friction type deceleration clutch. The brake mechanism of the new clutch is placed at the lower end of the reduction clutch housing instead of the middle of the reducer housing, and the clutch lever mechanism is eliminated. The lower end is designed with a brake electromagnet, two square wire coil springs and a clutch sleeve to realize the work of the washing machine.


In comparison, the superiority of the series of washing machine clutches for Royalstar is mainly reflected in the elimination of the clutch lever mechanism, which simplifies the structure to a certain extent, and the brake device efficiently realizes the conversion between washing and dehydration, while noise and vibration are also Got a reduction.


In fact, compared with the conventional brake-type clutch, the end face friction disc type deceleration clutch used in the Rongshida washing machine clutch is basically the same as the end brake disc and the spiral brake spring. The braking force of the end brake disc is provided by three pressure springs. To increase the braking torque, simply increase the stiffness of the pressure spring.