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Royalstar washing machine clutch disassembly requirements and operation difficulty
- Nov 02, 2018 -

The Royalstar washing machine clutch is regularly repaired during disassembly. When the bearing is replaced, if it is used after the disassembly, or if it is necessary to check the state of the clutch bearing of the washing machine, the disassembly should be carried out as carefully as the installation. Pay attention not to damage the parts of the clutch bearing of the washing machine, especially the disassembly of the clutch bearing of the washing machine, which is difficult to operate.

It is also very important that the Royalstar washing machine clutch needs to be dismantled according to the design. When disassembling, it is necessary to study the disassembly method, sequence and investigation of the fitting condition of the clutch of the washing machine according to the drawings, so as to obtain the foolproof operation. To remove the interference fit outer ring of the outer ring, install a few outer ring extrusion screw screws on the circumference of the outer casing, and tighten the screw evenly while disassembling.

Royalstar washing machine clutch screw hole is usually covered with blind plug, its tapered roller washer clutch bearing and other separate type of washing machine clutch bearing, set a few cuts in the shell blocking shoulder, use the block, disassemble with a press, or gently tap Disassembled. The removal of the inner ring is the easiest to pull out with a press. At this point, pay attention to let the inner ring withstand its pulling force. Moreover, the pull-out fasteners shown are also mostly used, and regardless of the type of fixture, they must be firmly stuck on the side of the inner ring. To do this, consider the size of the shaft shoulder or study the groove at the shoulder to use the pull fixture. The inner ring of the large-sized washing machine clutch bearing is disassembled by the hydraulic method. The oil pressure is applied to the oil hole of the clutch of the washing machine to make it easy to pull.