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Samsung washing machine clutch inertia and pressure difference
- Feb 08, 2018 -

Samsung washing machine clutch operation is mainly through the water level switch and electromagnetic inlet valve to control the water inlet and outlet and the motor off, the Samsung washing machine clutch so that it can effectively achieve its automatic control, electromagnetic water Valve plays a pass, the role of water sources.

Samsung washing machine clutch solenoid coil power, the device on the mobile iron core will be under the action of gravity and spring force, tightly on the rubber diaphragm, the use of the effective will be the center of its small diaphragm The hole is blocked so that the valve will close and its flow is blocked. When the electromagnetic coil is energized, the moving iron core moves upward under the magnetic force to leave the diaphragm and opens the central hole of the diaphragm, so that the water above the diaphragm flows into the washing tub through the central hole.

Samsung washing machine clutches as the center of the flow capacity of small holes than the pores on both sides of the membrane flow capacity, the pressure rapidly above the diaphragm to reduce its diaphragm will move up under the pressure difference, closed the door open, water flow conduction . The water level switch is actually a pressure switch. The air chamber's inlet is connected to the air reservoir in the tub. When the water into the washing tub, the air chamber port soon be closed, with the water level rise, the water level of the air chamber also rose, the air pressure is also closed to increase.

Samsung washing machine clutch effective use of intelligent fuzzy control, when used can also automatically determine the water temperature, water level, clothing quality, clothing, dirty conditions, decided to put the right amount of detergent and the best washing program. When the amount and texture of the laundry in the laundry bucket is different, the total weight of the laundry bucket is different when the water is injected into the same water level.

Samsung washing machine clutches under the action of inertia to bring the motor continues to rotate, this time, the motor winding back-EMF, its half-wave rectification and enlargement and shaping obtained a rectangular pulse series. By analyzing the number of pulses and pulse width. Can get the clothing quality situation.