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Samsung washing machine clutch repair prices and installation location
- Aug 30, 2017 -

"Overview" on a Samsung washing machine clutch components, mainly through a number of specific questions below, to carry out the study and understanding, so that the members on the kind of clutch, have preliminary knowledge and understanding, without blank in this regard, then, affect the normal use of Samsung washing machine, as well as its effect.

1. Samsung washer clutch repair price, how much is it? 

Samsung washer, clutch the parts in different models, is different because its Samsung washing machine model, is a certain match. So, will this conclusion. Furthermore, Samsung washer clutch repair price, also have a variety of price ranges, in particular, also washing machine models, up to it to decide.

2. In General, How long is the warranty for the Samsung washing machine clutch? In addition, the following washing machine clutch spring, is there a professional name? 

Samsung washing machine clutch, the warranty period, in General, with washing machine repair are 3 years. So, at this point, we should have the right to know. Washing machine clutch the following spring, a professional name, generally called the clutch springs.

3. Samsung washing machine clutch after adjusting, should meet specific requirements? 

Samsung washing machine clutch, after its adjusted should meet the requirements, are as follows:

Requirements: when washing, the fork and adjust the distance between the screws, should be 0.4-0.5mm this context, at this point, the electromagnet is powered down, bit off, at the same time, slower speed of impeller rotation.

Requirement II: when the washer, between the pawls and ratchet, 1 to 2 mm distance at this time, the electromagnet is the pull-in State, take off the bucket is spinning.

4.Where is the fully automatic clutch installed at this point in the Samsung washing machine? 

Samsung washing machine clutch, if the washing machine is fully automatic, then the clutch installation location is in the washer drum, and it is connected to the impeller. In this way, laundry and dehydration can be realized the transition between these two functions, thus, Samsung fully automatic washing machine work properly.







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