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SANYO washing machine clutch clutch advantage and conversion function
- Jan 04, 2019 -

SANYO washing machine clutch clutch advantage

1. Independent drive components for reducing speed, transmitting power, and increasing torque.

2. The brake lever is tightly fitted with the ratchet fork. The washing and drying are smoother.

3. Brake pads are precisely matched to wear

4. Standard fixing hole Perfect match Select good product

5. Seal protection bearing for longer service life

The role of SANYO washing machine clutch clutch is to reduce the motor speed 1320 through the pulley's first-stage deceleration and the planetary gear's second-stage deceleration to the speed of the pulsator washing machine. When dehydrating, the drain motor pulls down the clutch's pawl under the control of the computer board. Let the square wire spring hold the dewatering shaft to realize the conversion function of washing and dehydration.