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Sanyo washing machine clutch failure analysis
- Aug 26, 2017 -

Sanyo washing machine clutch work will have a very significant impact on the performance of the machine. This also means that if Sanyo washing machine clutch has failed, then the whole machine will be affected, so there will be some anomalies. So, do you know what are the faults of main?


First, on a daily basis when Sanyo washing machine, if we follow the correct way to wash it, and when you hear the card there is a noise when the machine, may be due to Sanyo washing machine clutch pawl and fork's position unreasonable. May be due to try pawls are not in place, Ratchet in the rotation and pawls so occur collisions, resulting in noise. For this situation, we need appropriate pawl and fork positioning, so this problem will be solved.


Second, if Sanyo washing machine clutch failure, also can lead to dehydration in the washing system fails, causing problems that cannot be dehydrated. For such situations, we will need to repair the clutch, or replacement of the clutches.


Third situation was in check on the Sanyo washing machine when discovered impeller is single turn there are exceptions. After analysis, turns out to be Sanyo washing machine clutch failure, commonly referred to as the pawl fork serious deformation, a pawl of the same fork needs to be replaced, or is replacing the whole clutch.


In addition to the above described several cases, if Sanyo washing machine clutch failure, it may also cause impeller does not turn. Such as clutch is equipped with planetary gearbox damage occurred, or planetary gear tooth problem. If you encounter such a situation, then had to replace the whole of Sanyo washing machine clutch in order to solve the problem.


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