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Selection and operation requirements of lubricating grease for LG washing machine
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Various types of LG washing machine in the process of use will be slightly different, in the process of operation should be careful reading instructions in the operation, the capacity of the washing machine in the process of selection, their personal suggestions should choose a larger capacity, in general conditions, 6.0kg more suitable for the ordinary three families.

LG washing machine energy consumption, in the process of selection is the best use of its 1 level of energy saving, water saving and saving some, in the operation, like Haier double power is still good, in the process of operation are the first level of energy, noise, when buying the shopping guide to help you try to dehydrate the electricity, you listen carefully to the washing machine rotation Sound.

To a certain extent, the brand selection of the LG washing machine will directly relate to the after-sales service. As far as I know, the Haier washing machine is free warranty for the whole 3 years, the other are the whole 1 years and the 2 year main parts warranty. 5. function, if you can't use many functions, you can buy a simple one, so the quotation is more economical. That's all you can think of.

The structure of the wave wheel LG washing machine can make the dehydration speed lower to a certain extent, and the water content of the washing material is high after dehydration. It is not suitable to use the dryer in the process of operation. Because the structure of the wave turbine makes it not easy to have the drying function, the washing power of the wave wheel type washing machine is big and the washing time is short (50min left) Right).

During the operation of the LG washing machine, in order to make the equipment run well for a long time, it is necessary to carry out the correct lubrication and maintenance in the process of operation. In the process of operation, the main place of lubrication is bearing and gear, the bearing needs to be injected with oil injection hole and good antioxidation stability. The L-TSA22 anti rust and antioxidation lubricating oil is usually refueling once in 2-3 years. If you use general mechanical oil, you need to refill it once a year.

The gear and bearing of the dryer of the LG washing machine should be added to the lubricating oil with good antioxidation and anti-wear resistance every year or half a year. The bearing plant should be sealed in the bearing plant for more than 1000 hours, polyurea based thickening stone oil lubricating oil and 2 antirust antioxidants. Number grease.