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Structural design of panasonic washing machine decelerator
- Jan 23, 2019 -

With the continuous improvement of the washing machine technology, the overall structure of the panasonic washing machine decelerator has been continuously optimized and improved. Moreover, the selection and layout of the various components are constantly being optimized. The use of a planetary gear reducer in a washing machine takes advantage of the advantages of planetary gear transmission.


Its main advantages are: small size, low noise, light weight, compact structure, large carrying capacity, high transmission efficiency, large transmission, stable movement, strong resistance to shock and vibration. The panasonic washing machine decelerator clutch adopts the friction disc type deceleration clutch, which replaces the traditional deceleration clutch and eliminates the clutch operation lever device, which simplifies the structure to some extent. This mechanism efficiently realizes the washing and dehydration of the washing machine.


Not only that, but the panasonic washing machine decelerator clutch and the motor have also been improved, that is, the pulley drive is removed, the power drive device is directly driven by the motor to drive the washing wheel and the dewatering bucket, and become the "air core" motor, thereby avoiding The failure of the pulley reduces the vibration of the noise.