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The definition and structure of little swan washing machine clutch parts
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Little swan washing machine clutch is an important part of normal operation in the washing, such products are effective called deceleration clutch, when making use of the price is in 90-180 yuan, mainly in the production process of is comprised of several concentric shaft, usually two to three

The clutch of the cygnets is controlled by the cpu-relays - gear - hold spring, the brake part is the holding brake, the action process is the same, but the final position is not the same. It's just a gear card, it's stuck in that gear barrel and it doesn't turn around, it's the whole barrel, it's the whole barrel. The clutch of washing machine realizes the two functions of washing and dehydration. The general clutch is the same speed as when washing and dehydration.

Little swan washing machine clutch structure is mainly by the upper end axis washing and dehydration when axis concentric suit structure, of which the section will be installed with the brake disc, fixed clutch cover and bottom pulley, hold spring clutch set out set, ratchet is suit to the outside of the embrace spring

Fully automatic washing machine use little swan washing machine clutch, now in general it is mainly composed of wave wheel, dehydration axial and torsional spring, brake band, fork, clutch, ratchet wheel and pawl shaft and gear shaft, clutch cover, coat, etc.


Little swan washer machine clutch

Little swan washing machine clutch in the process of washing or stop the ratchet will ratchet wheel dial the Angle, to embrace spring and clutch set loose, enter a state of washing, motor through a belt drive, only produces washing shaft rotation; When dehydrating, the clutch spring is held tightly to the dewatering shaft, so that the clutch sleeve and the dehydration axis rotate simultaneously.






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