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The judgments on the degree of the clothing dirtiness and automatic control of Panasonic washing machine clutch
- Sep 23, 2017 -

Panasonic washing machine clutch mainly controls the water penetration, drainage and on-off state of the electrical machinery its water level switch and  electromagnetic inlet valve in the working process. To a certain extent, it will achieve its automatic control. The electromagnetic inlet valve of Panasonic washing machine clutch plays the role in controlling the on-off state of the water source.
When the magnetic coil of Panasonic washing machine clutch is outage, it can move iron core press into the rubber diaphragm and choke the center hole of the diaphragm under the influence of the gravity and spring force. Then the valve will close and the water is blocked up. After electrifying  the magnetic coil, it will effectively shift up the iron core because of the magnetic force and depart from the diaphragm with opening up the center hole of the diaphragm.
Under normal circumstances, the degree of the clothes dirtiness is mainly judged through the transparency of water. In the laundry bucket, there will be added to an infrared photoelectric sensor, which will make infrared light into the other side of the receiving tube through the water. If the water transparency is low, the receiving tube will obtain little light energy, which means the  clothing is dirty.
It uses the piezo-electric sensor when dehydrating. When the dehydration barrel is highly rotating, the water sprayed from the dewatering tank acts on the piezo-electric sensor, and the Panasonic washing machine clutch automatically stops the dehydration operation according to the pressure change.

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Panasonic automatic washing machine clutch

We will make the motor running at low speed  after injecting a certain amount of water in the washing tub. When running smoothly, it can interrupt the power supply quickly. The dolly tub continues running along with the electrical machinery due to the effect of inertia. At this point, the machine winding produce the back electromotive force, getting the rectangular pulse series after half-wave rectification, amplification and rectification. We can get the clothing quality situation through clothing quality situation width of pulses.






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