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The key points and maintenance instructions of the clutch of haier washing machine
- Oct 13, 2017 -
 Haier washer clutch, in essence, it is for the clutch, but this kind of clutch is used in haier washing machines, so called haier washer clutch. So, what should we know about this part of haier washing machine? Here's a quick answer to the question.

1. Haier washing machine clutch, where is it located in haier washing machine? How do I remove it?

Haier washer clutch position, generally speaking, in the middle of the washing machine barrel, one out of plastic, the inside of the plastic screw down later, so you can see the clutch. And its disassembly, there are some steps, specifically for:

First, remove the screw on the retaining rack and at the same time remove the outer drum ring. And then, turn the pulsator screws, and remove the pulsator, after is with special socket spin out, big nut on the bucket, in order to remove the barrel, such, can be dismantled for clutch work.

2. Do you have any precautions to remove the clutch of haier washing machine?

For the removal of haier washer clutch, there are some matters needing attention, its mainly to: if there is balance weight on the bolt, then, should mark on the clutch cover and balance block well, so that when removing reinstall after, can be in situ reduction, in this way, to avoid the dynamic balance of crankshaft assembly are destroyed, in turn, affect the normal operation of the clutch, and the normal work of the haier washing machines.

Haier washing machine clutch.jpg

Haier hand-rub washer reducers

3. Can the maintenance and purchase of the clutch of haier's washing machine be carried out on its own?

Different washing machine manufacturers, in the washing machine parts, is different, it is not common, so, if you want to clutch for washing machine repair and buy, should find its after-sales service points, manufacturer or manufacturer to purchase parts, and find professionals for repair, rather than make their own. And it is the same for haier's washing machine clutch. So, in this case, the answer is no.






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