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The main functions and functions transformation of daewoo environmental clutch
- Oct 19, 2017 -

The main function of daewoo environmental clutch in the process of use is to automatically complete the washing and dehydration,Washing washing machine is mainly used to reduce the speed of the wheels of the wheel and the decelerating clutch

When the cleaning of daewoo environmental clutch is completed, it will be transferred to the dehydration, mainly by the electromagnetic tractor (or motor tractor), pulling out the clutch (which causes the planetary system to break away). At this point, remove the bucket, the motor is decelerated by the first stage pulley, drive the dehydration of the bucket

Daewoo's environmental clutch is priced at 90-180 yuan during the purchase It consists of several concentric axes, usually two or three. The separation process is controlled by the cpu-relays - gear - pinion, the brake part is the holding brake, the action process is the same, but the final position is not the same

Daewoo environmental protection clutch is a gear card, stuck that gear barrel is not turned over the bottom turn of the water wheel, when not card is the whole barre.The clutch of washing machine realizes the transformation of two functions of washing and dehydration, and the general clutch is the same speed as when washing and dehydration.

The upper wash shaft and the dehydration axis of daewoo environmental protection clutch are concentric suit structure。The middle section is fitted with a brake discThe lower end is fixed with clutch sleeve and pulley, clutch spring outside, and the ratchet (gear) is set outside the spring. The typically use the washing machine deceleration clutch At present,The structure of deceleration clutch is mainly composed of the wave shaft, the dehydration shaft, the torsion spring, the brake belt, the fork, the clutch, the ratchet, the pawl, the clutch, the coat shaft and the gear shaft






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