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The operation principle and common problem analysis of hand-rub clutch
- Dec 08, 2017 -

It should be known that compared with ordinary washing machines, there are obvious differences in the two parts in the hand rubbed washing machine, one of which is the displacement motor and the other part is the clutch. Obviously, the working conditions of hand - rubbed clutch are different. Let's find out about hand rub clutch operation principle and common problems

The operation principle of hand - rubbing clutch is:first of all, under the action of the displacement motor, the drain valve is pulled apart for some distance, which is mainly to loosen the clutch brake belt so as to leave the bucket in a free state. While the normal washing machine is in lockdown mode. However, in the process, the clutch of the hand is kept still, and the ratchet is not left, so it can produce a hand rub during the washing process

When the washing process is over and the washing machine goes into the dehydration process, the water displacement motor takes the second move, and it pulls all the link rods back, and opens the drain valve, and it opens up the ratchets. At this time, the clutch of the hand is a clutch of the pawl to produce the corresponding action, completely out of the ratchet, the washing machine to realize the function of drainage, dehydration and so on

In practical application, there are some unusual problems. As a matter of fact, in the process of producing handrolled clutch, the structure and function are more special, so it is more strict to match the size. However, it is difficult to control the small difference in production, or it can be caused by the change of the mating size of the clutch arm and the connecting arm after the user has been using it for a period of time, thus causing the ratchet and pawl to open or not open during the washing, causing the washing machine to be abnormal

For that kind of problem, we really just need to make a simple adjustment to the position of the brake arm, or if it's a proper adjustment to the top of the ratchet, you can fix it, and you don't have to replace the hand wracking clutch