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The process of low speed rotation and bleaching of the dial wheel of Royalstar washing machine clutch
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Clutch of Royalstar washing machine in the process of washing need to dial the wheel rotation at low speed, in the dehydration, its will take off the bucket at high speed, when catharsis, the motor with washing under axial rotation, through the planetary gear reducer to washing after reducing speed shaft first half, driven wheel rotation. The speed ratio is 1/4.8. When dehydrating, hold the spring to hold the lower part of the washing shaft and the lower part of the dehydration shaft. The upper part of the movement through the inner teeth is passed directly to the upper part of the dewatering shaft, which will lead to the rotation of the dewatering bucket, while the planetary reducer does not work.

Royalstar washer clutch in the process of initiation, the screw need to dolly tub fixed pulsator, effectively use the phillips screwdriver to screw twist it down, then evenly on both sides of the pulsator, forcibly pulsator from the pull down on the clutch, some pulsator is difficult, to be patient, can also be homemade tools, wire bending two 90 - degree, into the edge of the pulsator, or into the edge of the pulsator pores, about uniform upward pressure, the pulsator from pulling off the clutch, if still is very tight, can use blisters open a try.

Royalstar washer clutch after pulsator pull down it, you can see the clutch intermediate fixed, the big nut of the bucket, can use a wrench or 36/38 mm socket, counter-clockwise screw the nut hard, some nut hard twist, be patient, after the big nut to be removed, under the big nut has a flat washer, also want to out. Do not forget to install the new clutch if the new clutch is not flat.


Royalstar washing machine clutch

Royalstar washing machine in the process of washing and rinsing of the clutch is in accordance with the clockwise direction when the working principle of the clutch in the process of washing the clutch electromagnet is not electricity, moving iron core block brake band, spring set cannot turn, torsional spring is spring set loose.

When washing, the clutch electromagnet is not electrified, and the core of the clutch is blocking the brake belt, so that the spring sleeve cannot be turned, the torsional spring is loosened by the spring sleeve, and the torque of the wheel hub cannot be transferred to the inner hub. At the same time, the torsion spring is tightly coiled, the inner wheel hub and inner hub are integrated, and the torque from the bucket is transferred to the inner hub. The inner wheel and the brake disc are in one body. When the torque of the bucket is transferred to the brake disc, the brake disc produces friction and prevents the removal of the bucket and the rotation. At this point, the torque of the motor is carried by the wheel and gear assembly to the wave shaft, and the wheel turns clockwise.

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