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The production characteristics of the washing machine galvanized clutch and its working performance
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Compared with ordinary washing machine, the washing machine has been added to the washing machine. The performance of the clutch has been improved obviously, and the application effect of washing machine transmission system will be better, and its service life will be extended

And the only thing that a fully automated washing machine is able to do is to do a series of laundry jobs, and it's a washing machine, which is a washing machine, and it's a washing machine that's going to be able to control the water, drain, and the motor, and it's automatically controlled by the water level switch and the electromagnetic water valve.

In the washing machine galvanized clutch, the electromagnetic water inlet valve ACTS as a link, breaking the water supply. When the electromagnetic coil is out of power, the moving iron core is tightly pressed against the force of gravity and spring on the rubber diaphragm, and the center of the diaphragm is blocked, so the valve is closed and the water flow is blocked. When the electromagnetic coil current, it is moving iron core under the action of magnetic force up, away from the diaphragm, and make the center hole of the diaphragm to open, so the water through the center hole above the diaphragm into the dolly tub inside


The water level switch corresponding to the washing machine's galvanized clutch is actually a pressure switch, normally the inlet of the air chamber is connected to the storage chamber in the laundry bucket. When the water is injected into the laundry bucket, the chamber's mouth is closed quickly, and as the water level rises, the water level in the chamber is rising, and the air pressure is increasing, the pressure of the air pressure is increasing, and the ripples in the water level are pressurized, and the motion of the roof is pushed up to make the contact change, and it is automatically broken.

In addition to the operation of the galvanized clutch of the washing machine during dehydration, the piezoelectric sensor will work in conjunction with the work. When the bucket height is rotated, the water ejected from the bucket will act on the piezoelectric sensor, which will automatically stop the dehydration operation according to the pressure change.