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The quality identification technique of washing machine clutch
- Nov 17, 2017 -

In judging the washer clutch quality, we must first examine the clutch is used by washing machine manufacturers manufacturer production batch purchase.

And the second is to see if the exterior mass is too rough, or if it's rust, or if there's a burr in the corner. In addition, it's important to see if the fixed parts are tight and waiting

 Haier washing machine clutch.jpg

In addition to the above inspection items, it is necessary to check whether the rotating parts of the washing machine's clutch are running smoothly, whether there is a card delay, abnormal noise, etc It is important to note that should also take a closer look at each set screw trace of whether there is open, the shaft and shaft sleeve fit is too loose, whether to have rust on the surface of the metal, etc.


In conclusion, I hope you can check the washing machine clutch with the contents mentioned above in order to ensure the quality of the washing machine.