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The replacement procedures and matters need attention of Daewoo washing machine clutch
- Sep 23, 2017 -

Daewoo washing machine clutch is actually a reducing mechanism of the  planetary gear, which is also known as the slowdown clutch. In the working process, it will effectively make its motor speed 1320 into the ripple washing machine by the first level deceleration belt pulley and the double reduction planetary gear. Under the control of the computer board, the dewatering motor draws the clutch pawl and make the square wire spring grip the dehydration axis to realize the function of  the conversion between washing and dehydration when dewatering. 

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Daewoo washing machine clutch

Daewoo washing machine clutch must be cleaned before the installation and  effectively remove the antirust grease and impurity. The product can be  the product can be coaxial mounting sub-axis installation. The axial must be fixed. Its active part and driven part are all not allowed to have axial float. When doing the sub-axis installation, the coaxiality between the active part and the driven part should not greater than 0.lmm.
When Daewoo washing machine clutch is in the working process, we need to effectively add the lubricating oil between the friction plates. The ways of lubrication include sub-pouring oil and oil bath lubrication. The part which is immerse in oil, is about five times as big as the clutch. The provide oil for lubrication. When acting at high speed and high frequency, we should use the axis to provide oil.
The current source of Daewoo washing machine clutch is 24V DC. It is mainly received by single-phase or three-phase AC by the buck and full-wave rectifier. The no voltage and flat wave request that the power must be high. The half wave rectifying power supply is not allowed.
When the Daewoo washing machine separator is in the replacement procedure, it is necessary to screw out screws which are used to fix the frame. And take down the outer barrel ring by screwing out four screws which are used to fix the outer barrel ring, effectively get the impeller screw out. Then screw out the big screw nuts which are used to fix the inner barrel with the appropriative sleeve and get the full auto washing machine clutch out of the inner barrel.

First, spread a soft cloth on the ground and put the washing machine on its side on the cloth. Then screw out two bolts which are used to fix the fender bracket of the washing machine clutch and take down the fender bracket with sleeve. Screw out four bolts which are used to fix the clutch and take down the belt. Finally, remove the automatic washing machine clutch and put on a new clutch.






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