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The role of Haier washing machine clutch
- Aug 24, 2018 -

The function of the Haier washing machine clutch is that the motor is reversed normally. The deceleration clutch is broken. The main function of the deceleration clutch is very simple. The deceleration washing dehydration and the door opening brake are used. The washing machine uses mechanical energy to produce mechanical action to wash. Cleaning appliances for clothing. It is divided into two categories, household and collective, according to its rated washing capacity.


The disassembly of the bearing of the Haier washing machine clutch is regular maintenance. When the bearing is replaced, if it is to continue to use or if it is necessary to check the state of the bearing of the equipment, the disassembly should be carried out as carefully as the installation, taking care not to damage the washing machine. The various parts of the clutch bearing, especially the distracting fit of the clutch bearing of the washing machine, are difficult to operate.


It is also very important that the Haier washing machine clutch can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of the clutch.

When disassembling, study the disassembly method, sequence, and investigation of the fitting conditions of the clutch bearing of the washing machine according to the drawings, so as to obtain the foolproof operation. To remove the interference fit outer ring of the outer ring, install a few outer ring extrusion screw screws on the circumference of the outer casing, and tighten the screw evenly while disassembling.


These screw holes are usually covered with a blind washer, a tapered roller washer clutch bearing, etc., a separate type of washing machine clutch bearing, a plurality of slits are provided on the shoulder of the outer casing, and the spacer is used, disassembled by a press, or gently tapped and disassembled. The removal of the inner ring is the easiest to pull out with a press. At this point, pay attention to let the inner ring withstand its pulling force.http://www.clutchwxxindu.com/