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The role of washing machine fittings
- Mar 05, 2018 -

What we are talking about washing machine fittings, the main means that when it is packed in addition to the washing machine fuselage other than accessories. The main thing is to include the inlet pipe, drain and the bottom of the three parts; in the backplane accessories to install, pay attention to the backplane is inserted from the bottom of the washing machine at the bottom, completely overlap with the bottom of the washing machine, After the screw can be fixed to it.


When installing the inlet pipe on the washing machine, attention must be paid to adjust the tightness of the screw on the top part of the inlet pipe to fit the size of the faucet, and then fix it so as to achieve a seamless connection For the most part, this connection is permanent and will not change if nothing has changed.


In fact, we should pay attention to the washing machine parts of this type. For some washers, the drain pipe should be connected with the washing machine before opening the package, so it does not need to be installed by yourself. If you open the box and found that the drain is not connected to the washing machine, you need to install it, but the installation of standards must be observed.


Drainage of such washing machine parts installation, in fact, just need to find the washing machine drain, then speaking, it should be inserted into the drain and fixed on it. Finally, for the washing machine parts, washing machines play a crucial role in their functioning. At the same time we can enhance our understanding of the washing machine parts.