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The structural design of the high power washing machine clutch
- Nov 04, 2017 -

Washer clutch is part of the washing machine transmission system, but some traditional washer clutch is not enough perfect, more or less, there are some disadvantages to the application of the washer clutch adversely and restrictions. In order to solve the transmission problem of high power washing machine, a large power washing machine clutch is introduced.

This kind of high power washing machine clutch not only improves the speed range and power density of the device, but also realizes the technical problem of the automatic switching of the clutch friction joint to the gear joint. In terms of structure, the clutch of high power washing machine includes gear, sliding gear, compaction block, steel sheet, friction chip, locking pin, piston, active end gear, etc., but the cooperation between them has certain particularity.

In high power washer clutch, ther are internal spline on both ends of the sliding gear, outside the active side gear and driven gear respectively and sliding gear spline spline connection; And in the sliding gear end, it is fitted with a compaction block, which can be connected with the driven end gear to the friction mechanism, and in the other end of it, the internal spline sliding from the inside to the piston and the active end gear


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7-13kg Washing Machine Clutch

The main gears of a big power washing machine clutch are to go through a lock pin through the plunger to the pressure block, and the lock is on the step axis, and there's a cone on the step, and through the cone of contact with the pistons, it has a clutch between the gears and the piston, and it has an oil hole in the shaft, and it has an oil hole in the shaft, and the oil hole is connected to the clutch and the grease chamber.

The unique structure design makes the spindle of the high power washing machine clutch realize 60r/min speed difference range of the shaft main from the moving end, and then the shaft torque of the metal teeth transmission in 200r/min rotating speed, which has the characteristics of wide range, convenient control, compact structure and high power density, especially suitable for the transmission system of high power washing machine