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The vibration motor is installed at the bottom of the linear vibrating screen
- Jan 18, 2017 -

This is the way the vibration motor installed the most common linear vibration sieve, usually recommend that customers select the installation that is safe and reliable, and can save space. If the customer site width is limited, in addition to the site placed line screen equipment, on both sides of the line screen should also have a certain width, convenient feeding, maintenance and other operations, if the whole equipment is too wide, will not put down or barely, but after the problem of inconvenient use. Of course, also can solve this problem by reducing the screen frame line screen overall width, but it will cause the equipment to reduce the effective screening area, resulting in processing quantity is small, affect the screening efficiency and production schedule, so you can choose the vibration motor is installed on the bottom of the equipment, in order to reduce the overall width of screen. This is to ensure the effective screening area of equipment, does not affect the throughput and screening efficiency, also greatly reduced the overall width of line screen equipment.