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The washing machine clutch is judged by the quality of the clutch
- Nov 13, 2017 -

A samsung washer clutch is a part of the clutch in the washing machine. Because it is used on a samsung washing machine, it is called a samsung washing machine clutch. So, with this part of the washing machine, it's going to be on this basis to continue to learn and understand, so we can get a full familiarity and understanding of the clutch in the samsung washing machine.

1.The essence and aliases of the samsung washing machine clutch

Samsung washing machine clutch, its essence is for planetary gear retarding mechanism, and it can also be called deceleration clutch. Its specific function is to realize the conversion between washing and dehydration through motor speed control and computer control. Therefore, let the washing machine work and run and complete the laundry process

2. The performance of the clutch operation after a period of time and good quality judgment standards.The brake belt in the washing machine will wear out after a certain period of operation, or after a certain period of operation, so that the friction will be reduced, and then, if not handled, it will lead to various problems

The quality of the clutch is a good judge of the quality of the clutch Is as follows:

Standard 1: the washing machine can work properly and start smoothly.

Standard 2: during the use of the washing machine, the transmission system of the transmission system is smooth and smooth. There is no such phenomenon as card resistance or card death.

Standard 3: the transmission system in the washing machine will not be overloaded

These three criteria can be said to be applicable to all clutches, so it is also applicable to the samsung washing machine clutch. Therefore, to judge the quality of a samsung washing machine, it can be judged accurately by these standards

3. The spring of the washing machine clutch

The samsung washing machine clutch, if it has blueprints, it has a spring on it, it will be highlighted on the paper, and it has a professional name, it's for the clutch. Its function is to ensure that the clutch can work and use properly, so it is an important component and cannot be lacked. It is also easy to operate on installation and disassembly, which is not difficult and complicated