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The working principle of general washing machine clutch
- Jun 03, 2017 -

The editor has introduced the principle and fault of full-automatic washing machine clutch, now the editor Wuxi of Xindu Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd. will introduce the general washing machine clutch.
Washing of the general clutch at the same rate as the dehydration.
The upper washing shaft and the dewatering shaft are concentric set structures. The middle section is fitted with a brake disc. A clutch sleeve and a belt pulley are fixed at the lower end, and a spring is sheathed outside the clutch sleeve, and the ratchet (gear) is sleeved outside the spring.


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Principle: when washing or stopping, the pawl (shifting fork) dials the ratchet (gear) to a certain angle, so that the spring and the clutch sleeve are loosened and washed into the washing state, and the motor is driven by a belt to drive the washing shaft to rotate;
When the utility model is dehydrated, the pawl is stuck with the ratchet wheel, and the spring sleeve is held tightly by the clutch sleeve and the dewatering shaft so as to rotate the clutch sleeve and the dewatering shaft simultaneously. The twist spring tightly holds the dewatering shaft when washing, and prevents the water barrel from rotating. The brake belt controls the dewatering brake.
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