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The working principle of hand - rolling clutch and maintenance requirement
- Oct 23, 2017 -

The motor and clutch are different from ordinary washing machines,During the working process, there are two steps to pull off the motor, and the clutch is different from the ordinary clutch work. When the hand is rubbed by the clutch, the displacement motor will open the drain valve at a distance (different models are different), the purpose is to loosen the clutch brake belt, so that it is free.
The pawl clutches of the hand are not moving, not leaving the ratchet. Therefore, the hand will be rubbed when washing,When dehydrating, the displacement motor makes a second movement, pulling the connecting rod back all, opening the drain valve and pulling the pawl, Ratchet action at this moment, leave the ratchet, thoroughly implement drainage, dehydration, etc.


LG hand-rub clutch

In the process of making the handwringing clutch because of its special structure and function The requirements for the fit size are very strict when used, but due to the small differences in the production of the clutch, or the matching size of the clutch arm and the connected arm after a period of use.
The washing machine is dehydrated and does not work. Open the back cover of the washing machine to check if the pawl and ratchet cannot be separated,If there is a separation, it can effectively use its pliers to hold the top of the clutch brake arm and turn the brake arm towards the drain valve,Or with a pointed nose pliers to open the bolt to the pawl, it can increase the Angle of the pawl, separate the ratchet pawl, and achieve dehydration。
A hand - rubbing clutch that emits an abnormal sound during the operation,In this case, you need to open the back cover of the washing machine to check if the opening Angle is too large for the paw,During the washing, the sound of the sound is larger, such as "dada" and "squeaking". Then the clutch is clamped to the top of the clutch brake arm, and the clutch brake arm is pulled to the direction of the displacement motor






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