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The working process and price factor of LG hand-rub clutch
- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. what is process of LG hand rub clutch?


LG manual clutch, its working process, can be summarized as:

When the washing machine is washing, the drainage motor in the washing machine first pulls the drainage valve apart for a certain distance. Moreover, it should be noted that different types of washing machines do not have the same distance. The purpose of this is to release the clutch brake band or brake band and leave the dewatering bucket free. However, the pawl of the clutch does not move, and does not leave the ratchet wheel, so that a handcuff can be produced.

When the washing machine is dehydrating, the drain motor will move again and pull the connecting rod back to open the drain valve. At the same time, the paws are also pulled open. At this time, the pawl moves to leave the ratchet wheel, thereby achieving functions such as drainage and dehydration.


3.How to look at the price of LG hand-rub clutch?

The price of LG hand -rub clutches is related to the factors, or the specific aspects that need to be taken into account, such as clutch specification and model, product quality and after-sales service, and manufacturers. Therefore, we must consider these comprehensively so that we can determine the right price and choose the right LG hand-rub clutch.