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three common troubleshooting of Samsung washing machine clutch
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Samsung washing machine clutch is a more important part. For different symptoms, we need to take targeted measures to deal with, so as soon as possible to make the Samsung washing machine clutch back to normal,

Question one: washing process, Samsung washing machine clutch issued a "da da" sound.

In response to this problem, after analysis, we believe that from three aspects to consider: 1, due to abnormal washing machine ratchet components, causing the clutch sleeve can not rotate freely within the ratchet wring. So when the repair is mainly to see whether the fork assembly deformation, if it has been deformed, then replace the fork assembly; 2, if the ratchet hole shrinkage, replacement ratchet assembly; 3, one-way bearing slipping within the housing, then often There will be washing and turning phenomenon, Samsung washing machine clutch should be replaced.

Question two: Samsung washing machine clutch dehydration can not be normal rotation.

The reason for this failure may be that after a period of use, the gap between the lever and the tractor connecting plate is too large, so that the ratchet can not be completely separated from the ratchet. The lever and the connecting plate should be adjusted in time To the right place. Or because the ratchet coil spring fracture caused by the unable to rotate, this time should replace the ratchet coil spring assembly. Or may be caused by other reasons, such as bearing damage due to water leakage, brake rust and brake disc bite death, in which case the Samsung washing machine clutch should be replaced.

Question three: washing Samsung washing machine clutch can not be rotated normally.

In response to this problem, in the process of overhauling, you should use your hand to rotate the Samsung washing machine clutch pulley, if you can not turn, then the internal gear corrosion of the planet stuck, or corrosion between the oil-bearing copper lining and the shaft stuck. If the Samsung washing machine clutches to normal operation, you should check the pulsator components, V-belt and the motor is normal.