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Transparency and automatic control of clutch for samsung washing machine
- Nov 28, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the clutch for samsung washing machine mainly controls the water inlet, the water drain and the motor through and off by the water level switch and the electromagnetic water inlet valve, so that the automatic control can be realized, and the electromagnetic water inlet valve serves as the water source for opening and closing. The role. When the electromagnetic coil is de-energized, the moving iron core is tightly placed on the rubber diaphragm under the action of gravity and spring force, and the central hole of the diaphragm is blocked, so that the valve is closed and the water flow is blocked. When the electromagnetic coil is energized, the moving iron core moves up under the action of the magnetic force, leaves the diaphragm, and the central hole of the diaphragm opens, so that the water above the diaphragm flows into the washing tub through the central small hole.

The intelligent fuzzy control automatic washing machine of clutch for samsung washing machine  can also automatically judge the water temperature, water level, clothing quality and clothing dirt. When using, you can decide to put the right amount of detergent and the best washing program. The amount of laundry and the texture of the laundry tub are different, and when the water is injected to the same water level, the total weight is different. With this, the quality of the clothes and the amount of clothes can be judged by the inertial measurement after the low speed rotation of the washing motor.

The degree of soiling of the clothes of the clutch for samsung washing machine during operation is judged by the transparency of the water. An infrared photoelectric sensor is added to the drain of the washing tub to pass the infrared light through the water to the receiving tube on the other side. If the transparency of the water is low, the light energy obtained by the receiving tube is small, indicating that the clothes are dirty. A piezoelectric sensor is used for dehydration. When the dewatering bucket is rotated at a high height, the water ejected from the dewatering bucket acts on the piezoelectric sensor, and the dehydration operation is automatically stopped according to this pressure change.