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Under the condition that the original condition is invariable, the exciting force of the vibrating motor is increased
- Jan 18, 2017 -

1 open the dust cover of the vibration motor.

2 find the screw hole of vibration motor block.

3 custom and vibration motor swinging blocks of the same size, but the thickness should be controlled at around 2MM, the number of.

4, will do a good job with the screw block in the original vibration motor block. Number one plus two.

5 vibration motor excitation force test, if you meet the requirements with the continued use of dust cover, such as the excitation force is small also continue to add

Two of the 6, the vibration of the motor are added to the swing block, horizontal vibration motor can be added at both ends of equal number, if it is immediately vibration motor is lower upper swing block 2 is preferred.

This method can not add multiple blocks at once, if the excitation force is too small, it is recommended to replace the high power vibration motor.

Although this method can increase the exciting force of the vibrating motor but small horse cart. We all know, this method will reduce the vibration of the service life of the motor, so please consider carefully before using.