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Usage and advantages of mini washing machine
- Apr 12, 2018 -

The size of the mini-washing machine is relatively small, and it will not occupy too much space at home. It is mostly simple and generous in appearance, and to a certain extent will not affect the aesthetic level of the home. The mini-washing machine will be compact because of its small size. Therefore, the laundry will not be too much, to a certain extent, very suitable for families with a small family population, or a person's family, so that when there are few clothes, it will not waste too much water and electricity, so more energy-saving province. Electricity.

In the process of operation, the mini-washing machine can effectively solve the problem of separate washing of the underwear and the outerwear to a certain extent, and to a certain extent can also separate the children's clothes and beating clothes for washing, which is very convenient and quick.

The function of a mini-washing machine is the same as that of an ordinary washing machine. The knowledge volume and capacity are small, but the price is much cheaper. Therefore, in the same function, many friends choose to purchase it.

How to use mini washing machine

1. Plug in the power plug, put down or connect the drain, open the tap, put the laundry and detergent (softener, bleach, etc.) to be washed into the washing machine, and close the lid.

2. Press the power switch to select a good water level according to the number of laundry items, and select a program according to the specific conditions of the cleanliness and materials of the laundry.

3. Press the "Start/Pause" button and the washing machine starts to operate.

4. After the selected program is completed, the buzzer beeps.

5. When finished, turn off the power switch, pull the power plug out of the socket, close the tap, then open the cover, remove the net clothes, clean the filter bag, and dry the washing machine.