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Washing capacity and heating device of Panasonic washing machine clutch
- Oct 29, 2018 -

The function of the Panasonic washing machine clutch is that the motor is reversing normally. The deceleration clutch is broken. Its function is actually very simple: deceleration washing and dehydration and door opening brake. A washing machine is a cleaning appliance that uses electrical energy to generate mechanical action to wash laundry. It is divided into two categories, household and collective, according to its rated washing capacity.

Panasonic washing machine clutch is a household washing machine with a specified washing capacity below 6 kg. When it is operated, its equipment is mainly composed of a box, a washing and dewatering bucket (some washing and dewatering buckets are separated), a transmission and a control system, etc. It is also equipped with a heating device. Washing machines generally refer to the use of water as the main cleaning liquid, which is different from the use of special cleaning solutions, and the dry cleaning usually carried out by a person.

The function of the Panasonic washing machine clutch is to automatically complete the conversion of washing and dehydration. The equipment is that the motor is decelerated by the planetary gear train of the primary pulley and the reduction clutch, so that the pulsator rotates to complete the washing. When the washing is completed and transferred to the dehydration, the electromagnetic retractor (or the motor retractor) is first operated to pull the clutch (to disengage the planetary gear train).