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Water supply and drainage system of automatic washing machine and high-speed rotation
- Apr 13, 2018 -

In the process of operation, the automatic washing machine is mainly composed of a circulating-line filter system, a water supply and drainage system, a laundry dehydration barrel, a control board, and a power part. The process of washing and dehydrating the automatic washing machine is in a single laundry dehydration barrel. Completed, with a colloidal impeller at the bottom, driven by an AC motor.

In an automatic washing machine, a dewatering bucket having a hole in its peripheral wall can rotate at a high speed to a certain extent, so that dehydration can be achieved. The control board is provided with a power switch, a washing program switch, and a water level setting switch in a certain degree. To control the start, stop, and water level of the washing machine, choose different laundry procedures.

The water supply and drainage system of the automatic washing machine can inject clean water and discharge turbid water to a certain extent, and its equipment circulating velvet filtration system filters the velvet to keep the washed fabric clean and hairless. The power section includes a power supply, a two-phase AC motor and a brake device.

The automatic washing machine is also provided with a water heater, so that it can effectively improve the washing effect to a certain extent, and some also have a hot air fan for drying. The agitating washing is to move the clothes in the water through the impeller. This washing method uses more water