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What do LG washing machine parts include?
- Mar 17, 2018 -

1. Which factors should be considered when purchasing LG washing machine parts?

LG drum washing machine parts should consider the size of parts, purchase methods and use, parts prices, and its cooperation with the washing machine.


2.LG washing machine parts, what are their specific?

LG washing machine parts include the following:

Motors and Capacitors: The motor in the LG washing machine is a power source that can drive the rotation of ferries and dewatering drums to complete washing and dewatering of the washing machine.

The motor uses a single capacitor starter type, so configure the capacitor to increase the starting torque of the motor.


The program controller is an important and critical part of the washing machine control system. Used to control the washing machine execution parts and a variety of programs, the entire work sequence is dominated by the programmer


Water level switch: This part is used on the LG washing machine to control the amount of water in the washing tank. When the water level in the washing tank reaches the set height, the water level switch acts to stop the water intake. When draining, if the water level in the drum reaches a certain height, the water level switch sends a message to let the washing machine start dehydration work.


Electromagnetic inlet valve: generally located behind the cover of the washing machine, designed for the automatic control of the washing machine's water inlet.