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What is the difference between a single-powered and a dual-powered washing machine clutch?
- Jan 22, 2018 -

What is the difference between a single-powered and a dual-powered washing machine clutch?

Washing machine clutch usually have a double power and single power points, the effect is different, compared to single-clutch operation washing machine speed uniform, no speed fluctuations, the noise is relatively small; and dual-power washing machine is two motors Running, is a strong way to wash, wash cleaner.


The single-powered washing machine clutches and double-power washer clutches compared to their own structure is different, single-powered is the ring-shaped suspension inner cylinder and hyperbolic pulsator; and dual-power disc-shaped impeller and the barrel has a stirring blade , Is a different way of washing and direction.


Single-power washing machine clutch with the World Wide Web Wash up and down the tumble washing mode technology, washing evenness up to 99.3%, while reducing the friction between the clothes and the inner barrel, it is only 0.02% of the wear rate of the clothes, Ordinary drum washing machine but also save water.


In addition, this washing machine also uses a "spring water flow" design, so that the clothes rolled up and down from the center to the surrounding proliferation, comprehensive care of clothing. The double-power washing machine is the impeller and the inner cylinder with the opposite force rotation, you can make the clothing does not wrap, and its impeller driven by a motor at the same time, two-way rotation, to achieve three-dimensional washing.


At the same time, the clutch of dual-power washing machine is rinsed by the "drift-in-one" type water-saving rinsing method, and the influent water, rinsing and dehydration are combined together and carried out simultaneously in one process. After the washing machine is drained at the end of washing, the washing machine barrel rotates at a high speed for dehydration. At this time, the water inlet intermittently injects water into the barrel. When the water enters the barrel through the small hole in the inner cap, it is dispersed into a small water flow and evenly leached into the barrel Of the clothing surface; water and strong centrifugal force, through the clothes to wash away the washing liquid, discharged outside the machine.