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What is Washing machine transmission principle ? What is a washing machine reducer?
- Mar 03, 2018 -

There is no doubt that the transmission of the washing machine, which is an important part of the transmission system of the washing machine, the transmission of the washing machine is to a very large extent designed using a reduction clutch. It can slow down the washing machine rotating equipment control and the corresponding treatment, which is considered a very important function for the use of washing machines.

For example, when we need to stop the washing machine and take out the laundry after we wash the washing machine or drain it, the transmission function of the washing machine is also very important, and it is precisely because of this, Must be regarded as more important washing machine above the device.

The transmission of the washing machine is divided into many kinds. First of all, that is, to pay attention to the planetary gear reducer there will be more advantages, for example, its efficiency is relatively high, the volume is small, the quality will appear to be more Light, such a washing machine transmission to complete many ordinary reducer can not be done, in view of this, in this planetary gear reducer will gradually be widely used.

However, such a washing machine transmission in the mechanical structure will be more complex, the construction accuracy will be even more powerful, the installation is also more difficult. However, with the progress of science and technology and the development of society, our research on it is getting deeper and deeper, and the control of planetary gear reducer is getting better and better, and its mechanical structure and function are constantly optimized and perfected , And become the main type of transmission of the washing machine equipment.

The transmission of the washing machine is very much used in the modern equipment. The reducer is actually the original machine and the working machine, and the two of them are individually closed and rotated so as to satisfy all kinds of work Need to facilitate idle washing machine phenomenon, prolong the service life of the washing machine.