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What kind of function does the clutch of LG washing machine basically play
- Sep 14, 2017 -

From the current point of view, in fact, washing machines have already become one of the essential appliances for most families in China, which saves us a lot of time in our daily life. As for the washing machine, the LG washing machine clutch plays an important role. This is because the LG washing machine clutch is actually a key component of the washing and dewatering conversion of the washing machine.
In other words, in the normal operation of the washing machine, is the use of LG clutch role, to achieve the washing and dehydration of these two functions. If a clutch problem occurs, it may cause the washing machine to be affected. Structurally, the structure of the clutch is complex, but the clutch in different washing machines is basically the same in structure and shape.
Here we have a more common LG washing machine clutch, for example, to make a brief introduction for everyone. The structure of the utility model is mainly that the big belt pulley has square holes in the center, and is generally fixed on the square surface of the gear shaft. In addition, the clutch sleeve is also sheathed on the gear shaft, and the big pulley, the gear shaft, the first clutch sleeve and the three parts are connected into a whole.


                                                   Washing Machine Part Clutch With Long Shaft

Then, what is the working state of the LG washing machine clutch in the process of using the washing machine for washing? At this time, the electromagnet is powered off and the drain valve is closed. The positioning sleeve and the brake lever on the drain valve connecting board are in separate state. Under the action of the planetary gear reduction mechanism, the washing shaft and the impeller on the washing shaft can rotate reversely and reversely so as to realize the washing function. At this point, the dewatering shaft and the bucket on it can not be rotated.
When the washing time is reached, the laundry opportunity goes into the dehydration process. At this time, the drainage electromagnetic valve in the machine is electrically attracted and the drain valve is opened. The LG washing machine clutch which is fixed on the electromagnet pull rod pushes the brake lever forward, and the brake lever rotates around the pin shaft. The big pulley rotates feet edgewise clutch spring drives the inner barrel synchronous rotation, complete dehydration.
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