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An Effective Way To Reduce The Wear Of A Car Panasonic Clutch
- Nov 02, 2017 -

An effective way to reduce the wear of a car Panasonic Clutch
To reduce the wear of Panasonic Clutch, it is important to make it clear that the structure of the Panasonic Clutch cylinder is set on the input shaft of the transmission and relies on the Panasonic Clutch pressure plate to provide the return force to the cylinder by separating the bearings. Is in contact with the pressure plate. After depressing the Panasonic Clutch pedal, separate the Panasonic Clutch pressure plate and the tablet by separating the bearings. The driver depresses the Panasonic Clutch pedal, the engine drier is disconnected from the transmission, and the engine power is not transmitted to the wheel to drive the car. When the driver releases Panasonic Clutch, the engine's drive is connected to the transmission so that power is transmitted to the wheel
The following methods can effectively reduce the wear of Panasonic Clutch. Use a block start to get the maximum torque at start, reducing Panasonic Clutch overload. Reduce Panasonic Clutch in a semi-linked state, the Panasonic Clutch pedal should be used in the end, after use completely loose to ensure that Panasonic Clutch completely separated and reliable combination. After the success is successful, loose Panasonic Clutch, reduce Panasonic Clutch pressure plate and press the unnecessary friction.
Do not put your feet on the Panasonic Clutch pedal during normal operation to ensure full fit within Panasonic Clutch. Also in the city, do not slow down the Panasonic Clutch pedal when you need to slow down, wait for the speed down to a reasonable range and then depress the Panasonic Clutch pedal to reduce Panasonic Clutch idling. Stop the Panasonic Clutch pedal when parking, so as to avoid increasing the burden of Panasonic Clutch
Because the car Panasonic Clutch is in the car to use a product, so because the car driving mileage is very easy to cause it to wear, so that its use will be affected. In general, in the course of his use it is easy to wear because of the thinning problem, then the thinning after the use of the effect when it will be affected.
So we need to after a period of time to make some adjustments to him to ensure that he can maintain a very good state under the adjustment for different models of the method is also a certain difference, so we also need to have a certain understanding , So as to ensure its use of the effect, but also need to keep it near the maintenance, reduce his friction due to some of the losses, while ensuring the safety of the car driving process
It is the primary function of Panasonic Clutch. Before the car starts, naturally start the engine. And when the car starts, the car is gradually accelerating from a completely static state. If the driveline (which is in contact with the entire car) is rigidly connected to the engine, the gear will suddenly roll forward, but it will not start. This is because the car from the static to the front of the red, resulting in a lot of inertia force, the engine caused a great resistance torque. In this moment of inertia resistance torque, the engine in the instantaneous speed dropped sharply to the lowest stable speed (usually 300-500RPM) the following, the engine is turned out and can not work, of course, the car can not start.
So we need the help of Panasonic Clutch. Before the start of the engine, before the car starts, the driver first depresses the Panasonic Clutch pedal, separates the Panasonic Clutch, disengages the engine and the drive train, hangs the gearshift, and releases the Panasonic Clutch pedal gradually. To engage. In the process of joining, the engine resistance torque gradually increased, it should also gradually step on the accelerator pedal, that is, gradually increase the fuel supply to the engine, so that the engine speed is always maintained at the lowest stable speed, At the same time, due to the increasing degree of clamping of the Panasonic Clutch, the torque transmitted from the drive system to the drive wheel is gradually increased, and when the traction force is sufficient to overcome the starting resistance, the vehicle moves from the standstill and accelerates step by step. Work smoothly when shifting