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Analysis on the development of Chinas washing machine clutch industry in 2017
- Mar 17, 2017 -

With the continuous improvement of national income, consumers are more and more popular in the high-end washing machine products, and its vast market space and potential is one of the main reasons for the mainstream brand to actively accelerate the development of new technologies. Domestic, high-end washing machine sales showed a significant growth trend, the proportion of high-end washing machine products increased year by year. In addition, in order to better adapt to the consumer for the washing machine capacity requirements, large capacity washing machine products accounted for very prominent market features than appeared in the city market, 7-8kg level and above large capacity washing authorities note of the overall upward trend. According to Xinyikang statistics, 2016 1-4 months, more than 7.5 kilograms of large capacity washing machine sales accounted for more than 51.8%, an increase of 18% compared to the same period in 2015. With the gradual increase in the purchasing power of consumers, washing machine industry is expected to further upgrade the trend of consumption.

As mentioned earlier, the washing machine industry in recent years, steady development, especially for large capacity, high demand for high-end washing machine, for the corresponding parts manufacturers to bring new market space. Although the overall competition of washing machine and machine parts industry is fierce, but the issuer through long-term industry washing machine in well-known enterprises supporting, in keeping the stability of product quality while still in continuous technological innovation, especially the large capacity washing machine market as one of the first intervention in the downstream enterprises, has accumulated years of Technology, manufacturing therefore, channel of talent and experience, issuers still have great potential in the development of the washing machine market.

Panasonic clutch,washine machine clutch , 6-7kg clutch

Basic Info

  • TEM CODE : Panasonic XQB-5

  • Product Function: Wash and Spin

  • Brand:Panasonic

  • Certificate: ISO9001

  • This clutch is used for Panasonic 3-6kg washing machine .

  • Transport Package:  Carton

  • Origin: WuXi, China

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