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Application Of LG Clutch In Shuttleless Loom
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Application of LG Clutch in Shuttleless Loom

1 Overview

The LG clutch in the shuttleless loom is a special clutch in the range of monolithic clutch products, which began in the late 1980s and developed in parallel with the shuttleless loom. Its products are mainly divided into the combination of clutch (clutch and brake components), electromagnetic brakes, LG clutch and electromagnetic jaw clutch and other types. This type of product specifications, parameters, performance, installation dimensions, starting and braking torque (torque), transmission torque (static torque) and other performance indicators are to meet the needs of shuttleless looms for the former problem; mainly by the United States WARNIR, KEB clutch company, Japan Miki clutch company, Germany Z · F drive company and other world famous clutch professional manufacturers manufacturing. The product has successfully extended the theory of multi-piece LG clutch effective structure to the LG clutch of the loom, which improves the traditional structure of the monolithic clutch and improves the structural performance of the special clutch of the loom, which greatly improves the performance of the product. The special demand for clutches for clutches. Compared with the general-purpose clutch, such products are not a series, with the development of shuttleless looms and constantly upgrading. Modern loom (shuttleless loom) can achieve high speed, high efficiency, high reliability, and loom dedicated clutch development is closely related to the latter has become a single LG clutch in a new type of development.

2, shuttleless loom clutch structure characteristics

Loose special clutch to meet the shuttleless loom on the installation, commissioning, maintenance, high transmission torque and high starting, braking torque, to achieve rapid start (fast combination), fast braking (fast stop) and many other aspects of performance requirements.

Jet, jet looms due to relatively light load, the main starting torque with a large motor to achieve rapid start, with electromagnetic brakes to achieve rapid braking, stop. Segment shuttle loom because there is no movement of the inertia of the sword, and jet, water jet loom is similar to the use of good starting characteristics of the motor directly start. The three types of shuttleless shuttle special clutch are single-chip LG clutch variant products.

In the rapier loom, in order to reduce the frequent start of the motor, in the operation of the use of LG clutch to achieve rapid start, with the electromagnetic brake to achieve the host fast braking, stop. It is necessary to achieve rapid start, but also to achieve a quick stop, generally using a compact structure of the total armature clutch (clutch and brake components). Such as Italy SOMET (Shu US special) produced SM92, SM93, TM-1l, TM-11E and other rapier looms; Belgium PICANOL (Picano) produced GTM, GTM-A, GTM-AS and other rapier Weaving machine; Germany DORNIER (Dornier) produced HTV-1 / E, HTV-M / E and other rapier looms; Japan Ishikawa's ISL-888 Ⅱ and other rapier looms; Spain SAPA (Saba) Produced by the P400, P400S and other rapier looms, are using a compact structure of the total armature clutch.

In order to adapt to the increase in the size of the loom and the speed increase, the torque of the special clutch of the loom is also improved accordingly, and the following two measures are adopted to improve the clutch torque.

One is to increase the clutch friction radial size of the single magnetic circuit to achieve. Such as SOMET SM92, TM-11E rapier loom clutch, is the clutch in the SM92 by increasing the radial size to meet the TM-llE in the clutch torque to increase the demand to achieve. The clutch structure can be used non-metallic friction material as a friction pair, non-metallic friction plate and metal friction, long service life. Since the life of the clutch depends on the service life of the friction pair, the reliability of the shuttleless loom depends on the life of the base piece in the loom. Therefore, the method of increasing the torque of the clutch friction by the single magnetic circuit is used to increase the torque. Improve the reliability of the use of shuttleless looms.