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Application Of Panasonic Clutch In Mechanical Transmission
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Application of Panasonic Clutch in Mechanical Transmission

Mechanical transmission

There are many forms of mechanical drive, which can be divided into two categories: ① friction between the transmission of power and movement of friction transmission, including belt drive, rope drive and friction wheel drive. Friction drive is easy to achieve stepless speed change, most can adapt to the shaft spacing of large transmission occasions, overload skid can play a buffer and protect the role of transmission, but this drive is generally not used for high power occasions, can not guarantee accurate Of the transmission ratio. ② by the active parts and the follower engagement or with the middle of the meshing transmission of power or movement of the meshing transmission, including gear transmission, chain drive, screw drive and harmonic transmission. Engagement drives can be used for high power applications where the transmission ratio is accurate, but generally requires high manufacturing accuracy and installation accuracy.

Basic product categories: reducer, brake, clutch, coupling, CVT, screw, slide, etc.

Development History

Matsushita clutch mechanical transmission mechanism, can be provided by the power of the movement of the way, direction or speed to be changed, people have the purpose to be used. There are many types of Chinese ancient transmission institutions, widely used, in addition to the above description, such as seismographs, blowers, etc., are the product of mechanical transmission. Ancient Chinese transmission agencies, mainly gear drive, rope drive and chain drive.

1, Panasonic Clutch gear drive. Its appearance time is no later than the Western Han Dynasty, the Western Han Dynasty when the guide car, recorded in the drums, the Eastern Han Dynasty Zhang Heng invented the hydraulic astronomical instruments, have used a very complex gear drive system. These gears are only used to convey the movement, the strength is not demanding. As for the production of the gear used to pass a larger power, the force is generally larger, higher strength requirements. Ancient use of animal gear, water and wind for water, food processing and other work, should use such gear. For example, in the rollover, the need to apply a gear drive mechanism to change the direction of movement and transmission, to meet the requirements of the work of the rollover.

2, chain drive. Chain, appeared in ancient China in the early days, the Shang Dynasty on the harness has a bronze chain, other bronze and jade is also useful on the chain as a decoration. Xi'an unearthed the Qin Dynasty bronze car immediately, there are very fine metal chain. But this can not be regarded as chain drive. As a chain of power transmission, appeared in the Eastern Han Dynasty. When the Eastern Han Dynasty Bi Lan first invented rollover, to diversion. According to its working principle and movement relationship, can be seen as a chain drive. Rollover on the next sprocket, an active, a slave, around the wheel flap is the drive chain, the drive chain and do the work of the water, therefore, rollover is a special case of chain drive. To the Song Dynasty, Su Song made the water transport platform, there is a "ladder", in fact, is a chain, the next horizontal axis through the "ladder" to promote the horizontal axis, thus forming a real chain drive.

3, Panasonic Clutch rope belt drive. This is a way of using friction. In the Western Han Dynasty, Sichuan produced well salt, in the sinking, water, are cattle with a large rope round, winding around the pulley on the rope, to enhance the sinking tools, brine and so on. Western Han Dynasty when the hand-spinning, is a typical rope belt drive. In the Western Han Dynasty on the stone, there are several hand spinning car map, you can clearly see: the big rope round take the initiative, through the rope to drive the spindles, hand round rope round rotation, spindles spin for dozens of weeks, high efficiency. After the emergence of three, five of the spinning wheel, the efficiency is even higher. Yuan Dynasty water transport large spinning wheel, but also with a rope drive. Eastern Han Dynasty, the metallurgical handicraft industry has an important invention "water row" for the blast. The principle of this rope drive is: hydraulic propulsion horizontal water wheel rotation, the water wheel shaft with a large rope round, driven by a small rope sheave, small rope wheel crank crank with the rotation, through the connecting rod to promote the blower Blast. This kind of water row has a high blast effect and can withstand hundreds of horses. Its appearance, marking the Eastern Han Dynasty developed machinery has been in our country, and thus significant significance.