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Application Of Samsung Clutch In Industrial Robot
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Application of Samsung Clutch in Industrial Robot

On the classification of robots, the international community did not develop a unified standard, and some by weight of the load, and some control by the way points, and some by the degree of freedom points, and some by structure, and some by application areas. According to the use of different, can be divided into welding robots, handling robots, painting robots, glue robots, assembly robots, palletizing robots, cutting robots, automatic tractor (AGV) robots, clean room robots. According to the different application areas, there are two kinds of robots in China, namely industrial robots and special robots. This article concerns industrial robots.

Industrial robots are composed of three parts: main body, drive system and control system. The main body is the base and the implementing agencies, including the arm, wrist and hand, and some robots and walking agencies. Most industrial robots have 3 to 6 degrees of freedom of movement, of which the wrist usually has 1 to 3 degrees of freedom; the drive system includes the power unit and the transmission mechanism to cause the actuator to produce the corresponding action; the control system is in accordance with the input Of the program to the drive system and the implementing agencies issued a command signal, and control.

Samsung Clutch Robot is the most typical mechanical and electrical integration, digital equipment, high value-added technology, a wide range of applications, as advanced manufacturing support technology and information society of emerging industries, will be more and more important for future production and social development The role. Some experts predict that the robot industry will become the car, after the computer appeared in the new large-scale high-tech industries. "The 21st Century Japan to create a robot social technology development strategy report," pointed out that "robot technology (RT) and information technology (IT), as in strengthening the competitiveness of the industry is extremely important strategic high-tech fields.Import the future of the robot industry is to support 2l Century Japan industrial competitiveness of one of the industry strategy, has a very important significance.

Industrial Robot Industry

In the late 1990s, China invested in the establishment of nine robot industrialization bases and seven scientific research bases, including the Shenyang Institute of Automation Institute of the new robot company, Harbin Institute of Technology Bo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry Automation Robot development center, Haier robot company.

Samsung Clutch But the number of industrial robots in China is still relatively small, and mainly dependent on imports from Japan, Sweden, Germany, Italy, the United States. Among them, Japan accounted for about 64%, Europe accounted for about 36%. Manufacturers are FANUC, Yaskawa, ABB, COMAU, KUKA and Staubli and so on.

During the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the National 863 Project, the National Support Program major projects, major international cooperation projects and other projects have involved in the robot project. China's various regions, provinces and cities are also vigorously investing in the construction of the robot industry.

Industrial Robot Applications

• Type breakdown

Samsung Clutch Industrial robots in accordance with the application of subdivision: welding robots, spray robots, handling robots, palletizing robots, assembly robots, cutting, coating, and other (as well as patch, cleaning, deburring, special treatment (such as flame treatment), composite robots )Wait.

Among them, the welding robot belongs to the market mainstream industrial robot type, is widely used in the automobile production line.

Welding robots are mainly used in the automotive industry, such as automotive vehicle production line.

Spraying robots are also the most widely used in the automotive field.

Handling robot in the electronic 3C industry and food processing and other labor-intensive industries widely used.