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Daewoo Clutch Use Skills
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Daewoo Clutch use skills
What is the most commonly used in the daily driving process? Yes, it is Daewoo Clutch use skills. Daewoo Clutch is used to ensure that the engine crankshaft and transmission between the needs of the transmission can be transferred or cut off the engine power output; smooth start; easy to shift and prevent the transmission system overload. Into the block, shift, the brake speed is very low (afraid of dead fire), parking off when they have to step on the clutch. Therefore, the use of car Daewoo Clutch use skills is extremely important
The Daewoo Clutch is located in the flywheel housing between the engine and the gearbox. The head of the Daewoo Clutch is fixed on the rear plane of the flywheel with screws. The output shaft of the Daewoo Clutch is the input shaft of the gearbox. In the process of driving the car, the driver can press or release the Daewoo Clutch pedal according to the need, so that the engine and gearbox temporarily separated and gradually joined to cut off the car Daewoo Clutch release bearings and their units for the car's important parts. Daewoo Clutch to ensure the smooth start of the car; easy to shift, parking; to prevent the transmission system overload; reduce the torsional vibration impact, extend the gear life. Working principle The active part of the Daewoo Clutch and the driven part of the friction between the contact surface, or use the liquid as the transmission medium (hydraulic coupling), or use magnetic transmission to transmit torque, so that between the two can temporarily Separation, but also gradually joined in the transmission process and allows two parts to rotate each other.
Operation Note:
1, pay attention to the right step on the Daewoo Clutch posture. Daewoo Clutch pedals should be controlled by front foot. When stamped on the Daewoo Clutch pedal, with the foot pedal on the Daewoo Clutch pedal, the heel to close to the ground, when the Daewoo Clutch stepped to the lowest point, the knee to keep the micro-song. Do not use the toes to pedal or heel off the ground, to avoid the power is not enough or down.
2, pay attention to control the timing of clutch. When driving, Daewoo Clutch do not loose too fast or deliberately raise the engine speed too high. This will accelerate the loss of Daewoo Clutch.
3, pay attention to completely depress the Daewoo Clutch pedal after the shift.
4, pay attention to driving, the left foot not always on the Daewoo Clutch pedal, and do not use the right foot Daewoo Clutch pedal.
Currently widely used in the car is a spring compression friction Daewoo Clutch, referred to as friction Daewoo Clutch. Its working principle for the engine to send the torque, through the flywheel and pressure plate and driven plate friction surface contact, pass to the drive plate. When the driver depresses the Daewoo Clutch pedal, through the transmission of the machine, the diaphragm spring big drive plate driven back, then the driven part and the active part of the separation.
Daewoo Clutch system is to ensure that the engine and the transmission system is smooth and reliable connection, and can be temporarily and thoroughly separated. Engagement refers to the generation of frictional moments, and separation means the release of friction torque. Daewoo Clutch work frequently, in the car driving, due to the role of sliding friction parts easy to wear, deformation or rupture, the corresponding reduction in friction torque, resulting in clutch system failure. In order to extend the life of the Daewoo Clutch as much as possible, it is important to properly maintain the clutch system.
Daewoo Clutch in the use of the process, the main failures are Daewoo Clutch pedal heavy, slippery, the separation is not complete (linked to difficult), trembling, hair, abnormal sound and so on. 1, Daewoo Clutch pedal heavy fault phenomenon, the reasons, test methods and maintenance of the phenomenon: foot Daewoo Clutch pedal heavy, easy to fatigue foot relative to other vehicles Daewoo Clutch pedal force is significantly different reasons: (1) separation (2) driven plate (friction plate) assembly: friction plate wear large (wear to friction rivets) (3) Daewoo Clutch master cylinder, friction plate wear, (4) flywheel face, pressure plate face wear (wear more than 0.5mm). (5) separation refers to excessive wear (finger end of the arc has been grinding), the pressure is not easy to wear, Flat), excessive bearing wear (thrust plane grinding concave arc).
Maintenance method:
The first step: check the Daewoo Clutch pedal is too high, empty stroke is appropriate, adjust to the normal state. If the fault is not eliminated, proceed to the next step.
The second step: check the Daewoo Clutch pedal, master cylinder, cylinder, split fork, separation bearings, etc. are involved, the movement is not flexible, Daewoo Clutch pedal is back to normal after the exclusion is still unable to solve the next step.
The third step: check the Daewoo Clutch plate assembly, cover assembly, flywheel wear or tear, pressure plate separation refers to the separation of the bearing thrust plane is excessive wear and tear. Disc assembly friction plate wear should not leak rivets; with vernier caliper measurement, cover the total The depth of the flywheel should not be more than 0.5mm. Should be worn concave arc; do not meet the size should be replaced. But in the repair process should pay attention to a part does not meet the requirements should be replaced separately, do not complete sets of replacement. (For example: Daewoo Clutch plate assembly wear too much, only change the disk assembly, do not also replace the cover assembly )