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Detect Clutches In Washing Machines
- May 17, 2018 -

Apparatus and method for detecting clutch failure in a washing machine, including a clutch including a coupler that transmits a motor power to a washing or rotating shaft; a clutch motor (60) that supplies power to the coupler; and a switch that controls the coupler ; and rotatably mounted to a motor with a clutch, a cam (600) for turning on/off switch according to rotation, an electric energy supply section supplying a motor and a motor with a clutch motor (60); calculation of supply from the electric energy supply section to the belt clutch The pulse counting part of the voltage pulse number of the motor; and the microcomputer which repeats a process, if the switch cannot be switched within the first set time period from the start of operation with the clutch motor, the clutch motor stops a second setting. After a certain period of time (step S20) and then operation, if the switch cannot be switched even if the number of repetitions of the process is equal to or more than a set number of times, the user is notified of the clutch failure, the clutch is determined to be out of order, and the determination result is notified to the user.