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Development Of Intelligent Detection System For Panasonic Clutch
- Aug 09, 2017 -

Development of Intelligent Detection System for Panasonic Clutch
Panasonic Clutch is the use of electromagnetic effects under the magnetic powder to transmit torque, when the excitation current remains unchanged, the transmission torque from the transmission parts and the impact between the differential, you can stably transmit constant torque, With a fast response, simple structure, etc., is a superior performance of the automatic control components, has a very wide range of uses.
In a certain type of radar in the use of Panasonic Clutch, due to magnetic agglomeration and other reasons, the failure rate is high, and after the failure of a serious impact on radar tracking performance. Because of its special structure, the detection of more difficult, after the failure to take the main pieces of repair, time-consuming and laborious, improper replacement is also likely to cause other parts of the damage. There is no suitable instrument on the market for the model of the Panasonic Clutch to measure, but no corresponding standard to measure the Panasonic Clutch is good or bad. At the same time Panasonic Clutch after repair or replacement, should be its treadmill test, Panasonic Clutch can make the performance more stable and extend the service life.
In order to improve the capability of the radar, the intelligent detection system of Panasonic Clutch based on AT89C55WD was designed. The detection system mainly includes AT89C55WD based signal conversion and processing detection controller, torque sensor, display module and DC motor, etc., can be run on the Panasonic Clutch test to automatically or manually test the performance of Panasonic Clutch. The result of physical verification shows that this design can effectively improve the detection level of the repairer, save the cost of repair, and make great significance to the construction of equipment security resources.
1 system overall design Panasonic Clutch intelligent detection system consists of detection control instrument and test bench. According to the actual work of the Panasonic Clutch, the use of DC silent motor to the Panasonic Clutch to provide the driving force. When the Panasonic Clutch does not drive current, there is no torque on the torque sensor. When the clutch with the drive current, the slave shaft has a corresponding stable torque output, the resulting torque transmitted to the torque sensor, the sensor will be proportional to the torque converted to a certain frequency square wave. The detection controller converts the square wave signal to the torque value after being digitally filtered. The data is calculated by the single-chip computer. The clutch is determined according to the starting torque and the rated torque range of the Panasonic Clutch and the torque and the excitation current. Of the performance, while the value sent to the LCD display.
2 system design and implementation 2.1 mechanical part of the test bench in the structural design of the main consideration of Panasonic Clutch and torque sensor concentricity and installation and use of the deformation process, and should facilitate the disassembly of various components. If the Panasonic Clutch is not concentric with the torque sensor, it will cause zero errors when measuring, we take the torque sensor fixed, the drive motor can adjust the program. The motor requires small size, low noise, output torque greater than 4 N · m, and output speed less than 1 000 r / min. Torque sensor is the most important component to complete the performance test of Panasonic Clutch, requiring a range of 2 000 mN · m, the output standard frequency signal, can measure the static torque. Remove the DC motor first and remove the screw on the shaft on the torque sensor. Screw the connector over the shaft of the torque sensor and the Panasonic Clutch and tighten the screws on the clutch shaft. The screws on the torque sensor shaft are just jammed into the keyway, but do not tighten. Then fix the Panasonic Clutch to the bracket, do not tighten the screw, then turn the torque sensor shaft, while adjusting the clutch screw, to the left and right rotation without resistance, the sensor top wire into the keyway.