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Development Of Intelligent Detection System Of LG Clutch
- Aug 31, 2017 -

Development of intelligent detection system of LG Clutch

LG electromagnetic effect of the magnetic powder clutch is used to transmit torque, when the excitation current is kept constant, the transmission of torque is not affected by the differential between follower and transmission devices, can reliably transfer constant torque, with fast response, the advantages of simple structure, is a kind of superior performance of the automatic control components, has a very wide range of USES.

In the process of the use of LG Clutch in some type radar, the failure rate is very high due to the magnetic particle caking, and the performance of radar tracking is seriously affected after the failure. Because its structure is special, the detection difficulty is bigger, the main adopt change repair after the failure, the time and effort, the replacement is not easy to cause other parts of the damage. There is no suitable instrument on the market to measure the LG Clutch of this model, and there is no corresponding standard to measure the quality of LG Clutch. At the same time, the LG Clutch can be repaired or replaced, and it can be tested by running bench, which can make the LG Clutch performance more stable and prolong the service life.

In order to improve the guarantee capability of the radar, the intelligent detection system of LG Clutch based on AT89C55WD is designed. Detection system mainly includes the signal conversion and processing detection based on AT89C55WD control meter, torque sensor, display module and a dc motor, etc., can be to running-in test of LG Clutch, with automatic or manual way to test the performance of LG Clutch. The results of physical verification show that this design can effectively improve the detection level of the force repair agencies, save the cost of repairs, and have great significance for the construction of equipment.

The overall design of the LG Clutch intelligent detection system consists of the test controller and the test platform. According to the actual working conditions of the LG Clutch, the original power was provided to the LG Clutch with the dc static motor. There is no torque on the torque sensor when the LG Clutch does not drive current. When the clutch and drive current, on the driven shaft are corresponding to the stable torque output, generated by the torque to the torque sensor, the sensor converts the torque is proportional to a certain frequency of square wave. Detection controller converts square-wave signal after digital filtering to the torque value, the microcontroller will be collected data to calculate, according to the starting torque of LG Clutch and scope of the rated torque and torque and excitation current proportional to the characteristic to judge the performance of the clutch, and deliver value to LCD display.

2. System design implementation 2. 1. The design test platform of the mechanical part mainly considers the concentricity of LG Clutch and torque sensor and the deformation during installation and operation, and it should be convenient for the disassembly of the components. If the LG Clutch is different from the torque sensor, there will be zero error in the measurement. We will adopt a torque sensor to fix the motor which can be adjusted. The motor needs small volume, low noise, and the output torque is greater than 4 N · m, and the output speed is less than 1, 000 RPM. The torque sensor is the most important component of the performance detection of LG Clutch. The required range is 2,000 mN · m, and output standard frequency signal can measure static torque. Remove the direct current motor and screw the screw on top of the torque sensor. Place the connector on the shaft of the torque sensor and the LG Clutch, and tighten the screw on the clutch shaft. The screw on the torque sensor shaft is just stuck in the keyway, but don't tighten it. Again the LG Clutch is fixed to the bracket, not to tighten the screws, the rotational axis of the torque sensor, while adjust the screw of the clutch, there is no resistance to turn right or left, to wire sensor card into the keyway. This is the mechanical part of the test bed. . 2 circuit design 2. 2. The system adopts the AT89C55WD single-chip microcontroller as the system controller. AT89C55WD is a low - voltage high performance CMOS 8-bit single chip microcontroller, which can provide flexible and effective solutions for many embedded control applications. The single chip microcomputer internal integration has 20 k programmable ROM and 256 gigabytes of RAM, compatible with standard MCS - 51 instruction system, adopts the general programming method, with 40 pin, 32 external bidirectional I/O port, containing two fracture in the outside, at the same time two 16 bit programmable timer counter, working frequency can reach 33 MHz, fully able to meet the needs of the system. 2. 2 torque signal shaping circuit J6 connect torque sensor, C20 is filter capacitance, which is used to filter interference signals; C12 is the coupling capacitance, R5 and R6 as the partial voltage circuit, which can be used to reduce the input voltage amplitude: IC5A as a voltage comparator, and when there is a signal, the input impedance and the driver optical coupling can be improved. The optical coupling is converted to the TTL level signal by the plus or minus 15V square wave signal.