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Do You Know The Correct Stepping Method For Daewoo Clutch?
- Sep 11, 2017 -

Do you know the correct stepping method for Daewoo Clutch?
The correct Daewoo Clutch method should be the left heel as the fulcrum, the use of the forefoot to step on the Daewoo Clutch pedal;
When the car starts: the car starts to first Daewoo Clutch quickly depressed, and then quickly released to the semi-linked state, at the same time a little throttle, improve car speed, and then slowly light Daewoo Clutch, A little pause
When the car shift - downshift: first reduce the speed of the car until the speed reduced to the need for downshift so far, quickly depress the clutch, and then use the "one fast, two slow, three linkage" principle to control the Daewoo Clutch;
When the car shift - increase file: increase the throttle to improve the speed of the car, and then quickly depress the Daewoo Clutch, gently lift the U-clutch, can be carried out in the light Daewoo Clutch slightly throttle;
When the car stops: the car speed needs to be under 15KM / H when the Daewoo Clutch, and then use the brakes to stop the car, completely stop, slowly release the Daewoo Clutch;
Other things to note: 1, the foot can not be placed on the Daewoo Clutch; 2, do not step on the brake on the clutch, so Daewoo Clutch in a semi-linked state for a long time; 3, downhill when the first step on the clutch,
The active part of the Daewoo Clutch and the driven part of the friction between the contact surface, or the use of liquid as the transmission medium (hydraulic coupling), or magnetic transmission (electromagnetic Daewoo Clutch) to transmit the torque, so that both Can be temporarily separated, but also gradually joined, in the transmission process allows two parts to rotate each other.
Currently widely used in the car is the use of spring compression friction Daewoo Clutch (referred to as friction Daewoo Clutch).
The torque emitted by the engine, through the flywheel and pressure plate and the driven plate of the friction surface, pass to the drive plate. When the driver depresses the Daewoo Clutch pedal, through the transmission of the machine, the diaphragm spring big drive plate driven back, then the driven part and the active part of the separation.
Friction Daewoo Clutch should be able to meet the following basic requirements:
(1) to ensure that the engine can send the maximum torque, and there is a certain transmission torque force.
(2) can be separated, thoroughly separated, soft when joined, and has a good cooling capacity.
(3) The moment of inertia of the driven part is as small as possible. In this way, in the separation Daewoo Clutch shift, and the transmission input shaft connected part of the speed is relatively easy to change, thereby reducing the impact between the gears.
(4) has the ability to mitigate the direction of rotation, the ability to decay the direction of vibration, and the noise is small.
(5) pressure plate and friction plate friction coefficient changes small, stable work.
(6) manipulation of effort, easy maintenance.
Phenomenon: the engine idling operation, depress the Daewoo Clutch pedal, hanging gear with a gear impact and difficult to hang, if barely hung up, then the Daewoo Clutch pedal has not yet fully relaxed when the engine completely flameout.
Reason: Daewoo Clutch pedal free travel is too large; separation lever bending deformation, bearing loosening, bearing pin out, so that the separation of the inner end of the lever is difficult to adjust; separation lever improper adjustment, so that the inner end of the same plane or inside Height is too low; two-piece Daewoo Clutch intermediate pressure plate limit screw improper adjustment, individual separation spring fatigue, height or break, the middle pressure plate in the drive pin or in the Daewoo Clutch drive window axial movement is not flexible; Steel plate warping, friction plate rupture or rivet loose; new friction plate is too thick or driven plate positive and negative loaded; driven disk spline hole and the first axis of the transmission shaft splitter; Daewoo Clutch hydraulic control mechanism leakage Oil, air or oil is insufficient; diaphragm spring spring force weakened; engine support wear or damage the engine crankshaft and transmission shaft different shaft.
Diagnosis and troubleshooting: check the car Daewoo Clutch pedal free travel, if the free travel is too large to adjust, for the hydraulic control agencies to check whether the reservoir oil is insufficient or air in the pipeline and the necessary exclusion; check the separation lever Height, if the separation lever is too low or not in the same plane, then adjust, otherwise check the driven plate mounted anti, if there is no problem then continue to check; check whether the drive plate warped deformation rivet off, driven plate is axial If the card is replaced, it is replaced or repaired.